Unusual Hotel Stay Option at the Galt House

Posted by chaska on July 16, 2008

In an effort to keep you informed of some fun, interesting – and in this case – rather unusual events and happenings around Louisville, I bring you, The Galt House Implosion Staycation. Courtesy of the Louisville Downtown Management District Newsletter the following:

Galt House Hotel to offer special “Implosion-Viewing-Package” for guests
Implosion 1Some people find entertainment in unusual activities. The Galt House is hoping that some people will find the demolition of the Downtown Riverview Square building sufficiently interesting to book a room for the event. Louisville Metro’s Downtown Arena construction project necessitates that the building be demolished in order to make room for the new arena and the Galt House is promoting an implosion- viewing event slated for Saturday, July 19 at 7:00 AM. The Galt House has created what it calls a special “Implosion Leisure Package” that combines a summer weekend getaway with a once-in-a-lifetime front row seat to the implosion from the hotel’s glass-enclosed, rooftop Fitness Center. “Implosion Packages” start at just $86 and they include overnight accommodations, access to the private implosion viewing area, access to the outdoor pool, and wireless Internet access. This is an opportunity to take part in the making of Louisville’s redevelopment history while enjoying a unique ‘stay-cation’ this summer.” Packages are subject to availability and are offered on a first come first served basis. To make reservations for this event, call 1 (800) The-Galt or visit http://www.GaltHouse.com.


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