november supper speakeasy next sunday

Posted by chaska on November 3, 2008

FYI: As this is really a happy hour, you are welcome to arrive anytime between 4 and 6 and stay for as long or as little as you like.

It’s finally here, the “come-and-get-that-awful-election-taste-out-of-your-mouth” party. No matter who you voted for, I’m sure most of us are ready to stop seeing campaign commercials and listening to every pundit out there. So, come try something a little different… miracle fruit.
Please RSVP no later than this Friday. Prepayment is required for this event as accurate food and tablet counts are imperative. The couple of people who have had a chance to try this so far have been pleasantly surprised with the fun results – hope to see you there!


5 Responses to “november supper speakeasy next sunday”

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  3. I’m glad to hear about the party went well! It is awesome to see miracle fruit getting more mainstream.

    If you want to get some in a nice, portable tablet form please check out my site..

  4. Fernando said

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  5. Fernando said

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