Tuesday Tastings at DCE

Posted by chaska on November 8, 2008


$10 includes all tastings plus light bites that will compliment our beverages of choice for the evening
RSVP to 502.287.2772

Join us at Derby City Espresso for the first in a series of tastings/classes on the joys of beer, tea and coffee. We’ll be selecting great flavors and varieties to tempt and educate the palate each week in one of the three categories. Matt will be providing the education and I will provide the tasty treats that will compliment each tasting. We’ll start with the basics each time, and then progress each month. Comparing different beans or teas form one country or beers from certain regions, or perhaps the same coffee bean, but roasted differently – all to learn about the subtle yet important flavor profiles of each.

This Tuesday, join us for our first class on tea. To get familiar with the basics we will start with a wonderful little tasting of each of the major tea categories: green, white, black, oolong, rooibos, yerba, and a flowery one.


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