Tuesday Tastings at DCE, December/January Calendar

Posted by chaska on December 2, 2008

Time: Every Tuesday at 7pm
Place: Derby City Espresso – 331 E. Market St.
Cost: $10 all inclusive (covers snacks and drinks and class)
Be sure to RSVP as class size is limited.

December 2 – English beers – We’ll explore traditional English beers. Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Stouts, Porters and Bitters. We will be trying 7 or 8 different English beers likely to include Whitbread Pale Ale, Sammy Smith Nut Brown Ale, Mackeson’s Stout, Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout, Newcastle Brown Ale, Holy Grail Ale, AND Fullers London Porter and Fullers ESB.

December 16th – Holiday beers – we’ll be sampling a variety of winter and Christmas beers including Sammy Smith Winter Welcome, Rouge Santa’s Private Reserve, Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, Bell’s Winter White, Delerium Noel, and more…!

December 30th – Belgian Beers – in the NYE season we’ll taste some great Belgian beers including Rochefort 6, Affligem, Lindeman’s Framboise, Delerium Tremmens, Duvel and some others! Start the New Year right with some great Belgian beers!

January 6th – Oolong and black teas – come try teas from India, Ceylon & Taiwan. Explore the world of black and oolong teas, blended and single-origin alike.

January 13th – Beer Tasting TBD

January 20 – Coffee from Central America – we will taste a variety of Central and South American coffees, from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Colombia, and more.

January 27th – Beer TBD

February 3rd – Wonderful world of green and white teas – we will try a variety of green and white teas from China, Japan & Taiwan. From Matcha to Sencha, Jasmine Pearls to White Peony. You will walk out here knowing the wide range of green teas. We will talk about health benefits, home preparation and sourcing.


3 Responses to “Tuesday Tastings at DCE, December/January Calendar”

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  2. Tom said

    I attended the November coffee event and tasting and Matthews knowledge and Jo’s hospitality made the experience wonderful. As a “never” drink coffee person but one that appreciates the efforts and the process it was cool and informative. I now realize why a french press (I think that is what is called) is my favorite and the i should never have a double or triple shot of anything coffee relates and stick to bourbon.


  3. […] Original post by chaska […]

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