Taco Bell Gives Back for the Holidays

Posted by chaska on December 17, 2008

Express Yourself…

Taco Bell & KFC Express Opens Downtown Louisville

Customer Appreciation– Free Taco’s

Louisville, KY—Friday, December 19, 2008 YUM! Brands, welcomes an EXPRESS Taco Bell & KFC (411 S. 4th Street, upstairs in the food court area of 4th Street Live) restaurant to Downtown Louisville and wants women and men of Kentuckiana to express themselves and make a wish! 

Laura Melillo Barnum-Executive Director Yum! Brands Foundation states, “During this holiday season we felt it was important to show how much we care about our customers and how important it is to support our community in general.”

From 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, to celebrate the Grand Opening, the Holidays, and YOU, YUM! Brands will serve FREE Taco Bell tacos to those who express themselves and write down a Holiday Wish.  Each Holiday Wish will be posted in the store until the end of the 08.  One wish and one taco per person.

Also, December 19 will be an annual Dare To Care Day! During Express store hours, bring in one canned good to benefit Dare To Care Food Bank and receive a Pepsi on the house!


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