Holiday newsletter 2008

Posted by chaska on December 18, 2008

gcholidayfrHappiest of Happies everyone!

I truly hope this holiday season has brought you joy and good times spent with those you hold most dear. You may have noticed that BVS has taken a small break over this busy season and I am building a solid calendar and foundation for the New Year… who knew 2009 would come so fast!

  • If you haven’t had a chance, I highly recommend that you come down and check out the Tuesday Tasting classes that Matt at Derby City Espresso is leading. I make the tasty treats, but Matt really dives in to the lessons of coffee, teas and beers in an enjoyable fashion and I always leave having learned something new. And you get all this for just $10.
  • For the holidays, if you find yourself with nothing to do on Christmas Eve. I’m having another HO party. Minds out of the gutter, HO stands for Holiday Orphans. I’m planning a traditional Spanish Dinner. This isn’t just for singles either, so feel free to join for part or all of the evening. Cocktails start at 7pm. Dinner will be around 9:30. Bring an appetizer/sweet to share and a Spanish Wine. I’ll provide the rest. I’ve even included a couple of links below for you if you need a little assistance with recipes.

Please RSVP soon – especially if you’re planning on attending dinner. Either email me or call 502-287-2772.

  • If you’re looking for a great last minute gift, treat yourself and a friend with this great deal:Body Work by Dana Lawrey
    Relax and be generous. Give the gift of the healing arts and enjoy. give hour for
    $35 and get an hour for $20
    For more info and to purchase, email Dana at

    Give the gift of BVS
    Choose from $10 toward the attendance of an event up to a full membership. See more info on our ‘give’ page.

Here’s to a fantastic end to 2008 and an even better 2009!


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