January Supper Speakeasy

Posted by chaska on January 10, 2009

family-at-dinnerHome is where the heart is…

When: Saturday, January 17 7:00pm
Where: It’s a secret, as always, but the digs are lavish. Details will be sent 48 hrs prior to the event
Reservations: RSVP by calling 502.287.2772 or email me
Cost: $57 per person all inclusive (as opposed to the normal $75 charge)
Space is limited to 20 people.

January, and this time of year, has a special meaning to me. It’s about family and great memories. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to plan an entire dinner around our family favorites and traditions. My friend Rich and I will prepare some great appetizers from a bygone era, comfort food for our entrees and a ‘twist’ for dessert. I’ll also provide the wine a few classic cocktails to get our evening started, including my Gramma Bobbie’s favorite – the Stinger! As in any good family style dinner, no one will leave hungry. Hope to see you there.


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