African Wine & Wisdom – February 26

Posted by chaska on February 15, 2009

Kyene Ensemble

Kyene Ensemble

African Wine & Wisdom
Chez Seneba African Restaurant

4218 Bishop Ln map
Thursday, February 26, 6:30pm
RSVP by calling BVS at 502.287.2772
Limit 30 people
Members: $35     Non Members: $45
price is all-inclusive tax and gratuity

Join us as we indulge in some fantastic African beats and eats at Chez Seneba on Thursday, February 26. Kyene Drum Ensemble will be performing for us as we enjoy traditional Senegalese food prepared by Papis, chef at Chez Seneba. Hope to see you there for merriment and friendship of this tasty 360 cultural experience.

Food will be served buffet style and includes:

  • Neems: ground beef, shrimp, noodles in rice wrap
  • Fataya: beef or fish and tomatoes in a pastry shell (delicious!!)
  • Thiebu Jeun (Cheb-oo Jen): fish stew in a rich tomato base with vegetables
  • Thiebu Yap (Cheb-oo Yap): beef and stewed vegetables
  • Whole grilled fish
  • Sides: salad, rice, cous cous, athieke
  • Dessert: Thiackry
  • Beverages: traditional drinks including Bissap, Ataya and Ginger. Sodas and water also available. No alcoholic drinks will be served.

One Response to “African Wine & Wisdom – February 26”

  1. gregory said

    Beautiful gathering! Thanks for organizing this feast for the ears and the palate–as one of the drummers, it was great to have folks interested in the cuisine and the art forms of West Africa, and a special treat to get everyone up and dancing to our beat! Even Papis, the owner, joined in playing the shaker. A memorable evening, and one we’d love to repeat…

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