Chef @ Home – Stephen Dennison

Posted by chaska on February 15, 2009

Stephen Dennison and his smirk

Stephen Dennison and his smirk

Currently: Bartender, Z’s Fusion
Previously: Varanese

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Stephen, you know his trademark smirk. Creative and daring, he’s always on the cutting edge of both food and beverage. He is among only a handful in Louisville that are setting the bar in molecular dining and being a self-proclaimed “young turk” chef as he is always willing to create beautiful dishes and drinks in unexpected ways. Stay tuned for more from this guy… we’ll be lucky enough to have a Supper Speakeasy, featuring his talent in the next few months… stay tuned for the details! In the meantime, be sure to visit him at the bar at Z’s Fusion.

Fave snack food: Cheese and crackers. And whatever else grabs my attention in the fridge. Pickles, fruit, charcuterie, etc…

Fave Drink: Depends on my mood. V8, Oolong tea, Hendrix gin, fine bourbons in a snifter, cafe au lait

Wind down habits: playing on my computer, writing and brainstorming new ideas

Fave place to eat: Red Pepper/ Jade Palace, 211 Clover Ln , Limestone, Tacos Toreados to begin with. I am dying to visit The Carnegie Deli in NYC.

Native?: Yes, but spent 8 years working in Orlando , Fl. I moved back home to spend more time around my family.

Fave thing about Louisville: The kindness and generosity of spirit Louisvillians have. We always seem to band together and help each other out when bad things happen. You just don’t see that everywhere.

Look up to in life: My mother. A great woman who did it her way!

Look up to in cooking: Ferran Adria and the staff at elBulli. They constantly look at food and beverage through the eyes of children, bringing a sense of amazement and excitement to the world.

Thoughts?: 2008 was a fantastic year. I met and worked with many fantastic people. I truly am looking forward to what 2009 will bring!


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  1. […] develop depth and complexity. It is a culinary experience like no other. Our guest bartender/chef, Stephen Dennison from Z’s Fusion, will be offering cocktails/mocktails and cuisine inspired by the ever changing […]

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