Chef @ Home – Annette Saco

Posted by chaska on June 10, 2009


Le Gallo Rosso Restaurant
1325 Bardstown Rd

Guest Chef for June’s Supper Speakeasy (originally to be held in April)

I have had the amazing fortune to both dine at Le Gallo Rosso and become great friends with the chef, Annette. I first dined at the restaurant in late 2006 and continued to bring a new friend with me almost every week to this lovely hidden gem I had discovered – hidden in one of the more popular areas of Bardstown Rd., right next door to The Bristol.¬† Next month, LGR celebrates 3 yrs in business and they have a lot to celebrate! Recent renovations have incorported the enitre building, with beautilful Italian inspired fresco designs by Jan Rawlings and the long awaited return of wine! And with the best, traditional Italian menu in the city, a tiramisu to die for and flanked with what may be one of Louisville’s best short wine lists – prepared primarily with Vintner’s Select Wines and only an $11 markup per bottle – you really can’t go wrong. Stop by and say hi to Annette, she’d love to see you!

Favorite Meal at Home:
Breaded Pork chops with mash and corn

Favorite Snack Food:
ice cream

Favorite drink/beverage:
Naked fruit drinks

Any wind-down habits?
Get in my pj’s and have a cup of coffee or tea

Favorite place to eat – locally:
Mayan cafe, Toast, small chinese joints

Are you native to Louisville?
No, from Cleveland Ohio. I came down for my first chef position.

Favorite thing about Louisville:
Friendly and out going people, love the small town feel

Who you look up to in life:

Who you look up to in cooking:
My mom and Emeril, Iron Chef group


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