Supper Speakeasy with Miracle Fruit Gains Attention

Posted by chaska on June 10, 2009

bvsplanet 024I was super excited when I started working with Stephen Dennison on our Miracle Fruit Dinner – and even moreso when we were able to use one of my dream locations, the Rauch Planetarium here in Louisville, as well as focus the menu on one that would be enhanced by taking Miracle Fruit. To the best of my research, I have only found tastings of the tablet/berry but not a full-fledged dinner. If you’ve done one or know of one, please let us know!
We held our dinner last month and have had three great articles come from the event so far. I thought you all might enjoy the read:

Louisville’s Courier Journal

You can also find pictures on the Bon Vivant Savant flickr group by clicking on the flickr tool on our left sidebar.




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