Go Go Guerrilla Launches

Posted by chaska on June 30, 2009

GGG WebSqCheck out the newest joint venture between Palmyran Rebels’ fearless leader, Chris-Rachael Oseland and BVS’s event savant, Jo Self. We have teamed up to bring you economical and fabulously fun guerrilla events around the Kentuckiana region. All are welcome, but as a BVS member, you are already a part of the movement. You need only confirm that you want to be added to our mailing list and the $10 registration fee for you is waived. So far we’ve had cocktails in an empty strip mall, enjoying Cuban cocktails and a water gun fight and watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail in the lot on Main St where you’ll find the Forecastle trailer, thanks to the graciousness of the landowners, Benjamin and David. Join us on Thursday, July 2 for our Red, White and Blue Cocktails, somewhere downtown – and if you’re thinking patriotism, think again… we’ll be celebrating our French Heritage instead complete with our own Bastille and delicious cocktails and of course, cake. Learn more here or here.


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