Magic and Miracles – Miracle Fruit that is…

Posted by chaska on October 14, 2009

1108miraclesmSuspend your disbelief.

For one night only, your senses are under our control. A dry white wine now tastes like a sweet German Riesling. The card you put back in the deck is in your own hand. Bite into a fresh lemon for a burst of sweetness while a cut string magically knits itself back together.

It’s a night of magic and miracles.

For you, the Go Go Guerrilla Girls have boldly acquired a stash of West African Miracle Fruit* to share with our Army. We’re preparing a spread for you to sample both before and after. While the Miracle Fruit works its magic in your mouth, Darshwood the Conjuror will work his magic before your eyes. As if that’s not enough for one night, trust me when I say the setting itself will make the night that much more mystical.

$15 in advance
$25 at the door

Because we have a VERY limited stock, only advance RSVP’s will be guaranteed Miracle Fruit. You’re welcome to join us for good atmosphere and great company at the door, but you’ll be taking your chances on the Miracle Fruit.




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