2010 Teasers…

Posted by chaska on January 26, 2010

Oh yeah, baby…you’ll definitely want to be reading our newsletter (if you’re not on it, you should sign up now)  to keep up with all the fantastic events and opportunities we have planned this year – from new partnerships, to new series and some seriously unique “one-off” events – well, there’s a ton of fun to be had! Take a peek:

F-N Art

For those of you with art in your heart, the F-N Art quarterly event (minds out of the gutters, it just means Friendship and Art), offers a chance to mingle with other artists, art lovers and any one else who feels the desire to express themselves through art.  The theme for the first F-N Art series is “Madness” and will be launched in March – see the connection? Clever, no? All forms of art are encouraged. And kudos must be given to my friend Carrie in Birmingham who introduced me the the F-N Art concept.

Fleur de LIVE

Have you ever wanted to ask a musician a question but were afraid to hear yourself on the radio? Have you been to a live gig, heard a great song and wondered where the artist’s inspiration came from?  The Fleur De LIVE event will offer you a chance to see, hear and have a dialogue with local artists in an intimate, unplugged venue that encourages interaction and participation. Series debuts in July.


Think Gallery Hop but with live performances. The return of the Theatre Hop happens in May this year. Our 2nd (nearly) annual event features theatre companies from around the city giving short performances in non-traditional venues. Hop from gallery to bar to restaurant for a 2 hr revolving show clock and finish the evening with a late happy hour and cast party where you can meet the performers.


While we can’t reveal all the details just yet, I am excited to announce that BVS and LEO have joined forces to offer some spectacular events and experiential advertising options in celebration of LEO’s 20th Anniversary this year. Details to be revealed soon!

Many of you know my fascination and enjoyment experimenting with Miracle Fruit, but you may not realize my interest in exploring the health benefits (obesity, diabetes, chemotherapy patients) of the berries/tablets as well. With these life enhancing properties in mind, BVS has partnered with mberry, a company based in AZ, who is very proactive in spreading the word on this intriguing fruit. Starting now, subscribers to BVS newsletter are able to purchase through the mberry site and receive a discount of 15% and free shipping. Discount code to be sent in the upcoming newsletter.


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  1. panama said

    Bookmarked your web site. Thank you for sharing. Definitely worth the time away from my workload.

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