Building toward the next step…

Posted by chaska on May 4, 2010

Building toward the next incarnation of BVS is proving to be a beautiful adventure – one of which, I couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be announcing some of our feature contributors soon, but in the meantime, we’re still looking for a few good folks – writers, photographers, event organizers/caterers & ad sales – especially in the areas of Lexington and N. KY/Cincinnati. We’ll be doing our soft launch by the end of this month and then doing a full launch within a month to 6 weeks. Not only will we have amazing articles, but you’ll also find insider information, tips and tricks in our forum.

What we’re looking for and what to look forward to…

FOOD: Not only will we bring you stories of restaurants and what’s happening in food, we’ll be talking about the local food movements as well. Community Farming, school projects, farmers, family traditions, etc. are all part of the “Food” piece. Of course, the BVS events that you’ve come to know and love will also be featured in this section.

COMMUNITY: Arts, culture, neighborhood festivals or projects, special events all fall into this category. We want to hear from you and what’s happening in your world. Plenty of large scale events have big voices, but we want to hear about the more localized happenings as well. We’ll be building a nice catalog and calendar for online searching and appreciation.

CONNECTION: Bon Vivant Savant loosely translated, means “live well, live wisely.” In these especially uncertain times, a number of people are finding a way to live their best lives. Are you finally pursuing a passion you’ve always wanted? Have you decided on a healthier lifestyle that’s made a dramatic difference? Do you have a rewarding volunteer position? Have you found a special and unique way to keep your family connected? We want to know about it and help inspire others who may not know where to start.


  • Feature Writers: Cover events, restaurant stories, cultural happenings and profiles. 2-4/city needed, compensation negotiable.
  • Guest contributors: Have something to say or that you’d like to share, submit your article, 500 words max. We will only use articles with your express permission, if we decide to use it on the site.
  • Photographers: Daily “Spotlight Features” will require roughly 30 photos/month and will be on assignment. Spotlight features also have 100+/- word copy. Compensation based on number of photos & if copy is included.
  • Shutterbugs: Everyone is encouraged to submit photos of their favorite spots, food, event, etc for our online gallery. Lucky shutterbugs may have their photos chosen as a photo of the week and the pride that they captured something truly special!
  • Ad Sales: Sell online ads with a truly unique marketing strategy. 10% commission. Avg pay $20/ad – $250, depending on package sold.
  • Event planners/Caterers: if you like connecting people, creating special and memorable events and/or have a flair with food and drink, our event designing might be for you. Working closely with our local Event Savant, Jo Self, you would have access to a past library of successful events as well as a chance to do your own thing. It’s a great supplemental income that could grow to more.

Interested or want to know a bit more? Contact us via email or by calling 502.287.2772. Please include a resume, a statement of interest and a sample of your work (if writing or photography).


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