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Ah, membership has its privileges and here at BVS it’s no different.

And in today’s economy, this small investment not only includes special pricing on events and perks, but also provides a calendar, delivered straight to you. We don’t only provide information on our own events, but keep you up to date on happenings of interest, not only in Louisville, but around the region.

Wondering who our members are? It’s a diverse group of folks, a fact in which I take great pride. They’re male, female, gay, straight, singles, couples, 25-75, from a variety of backgrounds. Honest engine. People who come together over common interests and food always find something to talk about and will generally find even more in common than initially thought. It puts a smile on my face every time I throw an event!

Some things to look forward to…
…A forum for members, where you can share recipes, events, ideas, travel and musings about life and our city in general.
…Event planning kits to help you create the perfect party at home.

In addition to the five original series I’ve created, here’s what else I have in mind, for members only, to give you a peek as well as the perks included in membership:

Event ideas/hopes

  • Singles events, couples events, single parents, boomers, etc…
  • Wine classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Travel and weekends away packages
  • Dinners and Happy Hours for members only

General Perks

  • Area Discounts
  • Free entrance to certain events, like F-N Art
  • No additional event fees on events open to the public
  • Advance notice of events when there are limited reservations
  • Personalized attention at events and hosts to help make introductions, so you never have to fear coming to an event alone
  • If you’re single, you also have access to all travel and events at Single Gourmet chapters nationwide
  • 15% off personal/business event planning and 10% off e-commerce that is developed (and it’s in the works)

So, call 502.287.2772 to join now and enjoy the benefits of Louisville’s premier dining and social networking group.


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