Membership Fees

red-table-settingCosts to join are as follows:

not available again until April 2010
However, if you join before the lifetime membership is available, I will apply your annual fee toward the lifetime fee if you have been a member for less than 6 mos and wish to upgrade your membership.
Lifetime members will receive all three Louisville VIP cards (a $45 value)

$175- single member               $300 – couples/two people

All memberships run annually from the time of purchase. See our ‘belonging’ page for details on the perks of joining.

Is it worth it? Attend just two events and your savings on the non-member fees pays for your membership. Not to mention all the fun you’ll have had!

1 person = $50 per year
2 people = $90 per year (join with your husband, boyfriend, best friend, co-worker, partner, etc)
3+ (up to 10) = $40 per person per year

Not sure you want to join yet? That’s OK. Feel free to join us at any of our events, decide to join that evening and we’ll apply the non-member service fee to your membership payment. See? You’re already saving!

Are you looking for a way to entertain your clients or employees? Are you a small company that finds it challenging to do fun and entertaining team building on a budget? Then you may want to consider our corporate packages. Prices start at $500 for small businesses and groups up to 50 people (alumni associations, churches, singles groups, professional organizations, etc). Larger groups may contact us for additional pricing.

Call for your application today or apply online with the form below! 502.287.2772

Member Form Online

*Lifetime members will still be subject to a small maintenance fee at the beginning of each year should they choose to remain active. $15 for singles, $30 for couples. Lifetime members can also expect updated VIP cards each year.


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