Looking for personal or contract planning services? We can help.

Contact us at 502.287.2772 or email us for details.

50% deposit required for all private events.


5 Responses to “BVS@Home”

  1. Grace Pau said

    I will be open a new boutique “Unique French Gifts for a fun and functional life” on Bardstown Road in the Highlands very soon(hope before Thanksgiving. I would like to get with you to show you my products.
    I think that you will be interested when you will see them.
    They are actually only sold in USA (6 stores only in NY city).
    I got your information with Marco Capuaono.
    The name of my boutique is “RIGOLO” which means “fun” in French.
    I look forward to meet you and work with you.

  2. John Rudy said

    […] – services … We understand and appreciate your business and problems. We know that your business is greatly dependent on image, the public’s perception of you and your good service. …Bookmarked and Pinged by […]

  3. […] BVS@Home […]

  4. Anonymous said

    […] BVS@Home […]

  5. […] BVS@Home […]

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