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Miracle Fruit Supper Speakeasy – May 2009
Chris-Rachael Oseland
Dana McMahan

Dana McMahan

WHAS – Good Morning Kentuckiana
July 18 5am – 7am

Terry Meiners will host live from the park and BVS will be featured in two minute spots throughout.


General Hits

Courier Journal
Business section-SnapShot
Monday, May 5
The editor will be featured Jo as a SnapShot, which is a very large feature article with photo placement included-Jo was the last of this wonderfully long article!

Voice Tribune
Thursday, May 29

Featured a pic of Jo and Caroline on the COVER of the Society Page. They were at the LLS Woman of the Year event.

Le Gallo Rosso Event
Events Page

Info on the Le Gallo Rosso event is posted on this popular gateway site to the Highlands. Stayed on until night of event!
Week of April 21

Posted info on the upcoming Le Gallo Rosso event!!!

Courier Journal’s SCENE
Dining News
Saturday, April 19
Featured info on Bon Vivant Savant and the Le Gallo Rosso event

Courier Journal
EXTRA-Friday, April 24
Make a Date section

An excellent plug for “Big Night”! Very good size listing, which mentions Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Courier Journal-SCENE
Dining News
Saturday, April 25

Ron featured a wonderful blurb on the LGR event

Movie Night Press

Weds. April 30, 2008

Featured a fabulous listing of the event under things to do on May 10!

Consuming Louisville
Weds April 30, 2008

Featured a wonderful blurb on why she thinks this is a GREAT event and then featured the release. Remained up until day of event!

WHAS-Weekend Morning Edition
Saturday, May 10

Jo was the featured guest speaking about the Woman of the Year Campaign, Movie Night and her business.

WAKY 103.5
Starting Thursday, April 24 until night of LLS event (May 22)

Aired the release as a PSA since this is a 100% non-profit event.

Weds, May 7, 2008

Great listing under the what to do on May 10

Weds. May 7, 2008 – Two hits

Plugged in section regarding BabyFishmouth
Arts & Entertainment listing.

Courier Journal-extra
Friday, May 9, 2008

Listed info under Special Films

Courier Journal-Neighborhood section
Weds. May 7

Excellent listing under “Happenings.”

Shop till You Drop Event

Courier Journal website
Chrstine’s scene blog

Featured info on the event and photos!

Nibble & Sip Event

City Slicker
June Issue

Featured info on the event in listing section

June Issue

Featured a nice size listing

May 28 issue
June 4 issue

Featured listing under Things to do for June 6!

Courier Journal-SCENE
Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dining section featured a FABU listing on the Nibble & Sip!
Weds. June 4-6

Featured the Nibble & Sip on the Cover page as well as the Restaurant page!

Weds. June 4, 2008

Listed under “Plugged In” for Pauley and Nibble & Sip!

Theatre Hop

WHAS-Midday News
Monday May 26

Jo and Jeffrey Scott Holland were featured guests speaking about the Theatre Hop!

Runs from May 29-June 11
Jo was the featured guest for a 6-minute segment all about BVS and upcoming events with a focus on Theatre Hop!

Consuming Louisville
Week of Monday, June 2

Featured the press release and poster on the upcoming Theatre Hop which rocks!


5 Responses to “press”

  1. Caroline Knop-Schmoozer said

    This looks GREAT!!! Congrats

  2. Rome Gray said

    Wow! You really hit the ground running, didn’t you!
    Damn fine start!
    I love to see peoples’ dreams bloom with a promise to flourish.
    I wish you much continued success.

    Rome Gray

  3. michael gaubatz said

    hey jo… excellent job on this website. i know i haven’t been coming to many events but this makes me want to more! i’ll try, i promise.


  4. Interesting blog you got here but I can’t seem to find the RSS button.

  5. I’m always looking into things on information that I don’t know about, even though it might be old news. It’s hard to find things that you don’t know of, because what do you look for? 😉 This is right up my alley regarding something new to me. Great post! Thank you.

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