I am excited to introduce five original series to Louisville. While not entirely unique in concept, we’ve expanded on each event and added our own unique twists. Some are monthly events, while others are seasonal. I am a big fan of our fair city and it is our mission to create events, both for our members and for the community. Most of the original series listed below are open events – though members enjoy advance reservation status as well as discounted event fees. All events are created with the desire to showcase not only the big players but also some of the hidden or sometimes overlooked gems in our midst. My passion for the ‘ville is sincere and profound. I hope you find them as interesting and are able to join us at one – or all – of them!

wp-button-wwTaking the wine dinner to a whole new level and creating a 360 cultural experience. Instead of the food and beverage (not always wine) being the center of attention, we are more interested in utilizing them to complement a philosophical, cultural or educational topic. Flamenco with the wines and tapas of Spain, some political fare with local candidates or perhaps teas and dishes from the mid-east as we discuss Islam with local Muslims to understand their perspective and experiences. These dinners will usually be limited on reservations as the intent is to create an intimate environment for conversation and discussion.

wp-button-ns Think farmer’s market, but as a happy hour with live music. In an effort to promote local farmers, produce, artisans and venues, I am doing my best to highlight what is available in our own backyard. Working closely with the Community Farm Alliance as well as local vintners and distillers, BVS provides a great reason to come out a socialize while feeling good about supporting the best in our region. Expect the freshest ingredients and the best of atmospheres.

wp-button-pf2008 was all about showing great 80s films that were fun for the whole family. Bring on 2009 and the year of “Dear John” – A Summer of John Cusack! We run from May to October on the 3rd Saturday of the month at EP Tom Sawyer State Park by the softball fields. Who doesn’t love sitting under the stars enjoying a movie with friends and loved ones, a nice picnic basket, great live music beforehand along with free treats and occasional surprises? I look forward to expanding the idea to include more than one area of town and featuring local filmmakers as well.

wp-button-seriesUnderground dining is a growing trend around the world and I’m excited to be among the first to bring the experience to our Louisville and our surrounding area. Great food, by great chefs in undisclosed locations. You will always be privy to the menu and the chef, but the location (a roof top, a warehouse, other unexpected places) will not be disclosed until 48 hrs before the event and only after reservations and payment has been made. These dinners will always be limited to no more than 25 people.

wp-button-thThink gallery hop, but this time the art is alive and performing for your pleasure! Our first Theatre Hop was held on June 13, 2008 and proved a huge success in spite of the rain. Our next one is in the planning stages, but you can expect this to be a growing semi-annual event. We have some wonderful local troupes and independent performers that go – all too often – under the radar as they don’t receive much coverage. Let’s remedy that!


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