• event-calendarUPCOMING
    20 Speakeasy
    Bourbon Barrel Foods Dinner
    21 Birthday Dinner
    Jo's 37th Celebration
    20 Speakeasy
    Floral Dinner to benefit MS Society

    27 Dark Room Speakeasy
    w/ chef Dallas McGarity & Photoguru Dan Dry
    14 Dirty Blues Wine & Wisdom
    w/ Big Poppa Stampley
    24 Pop-up Drive-In Movie
    Live Dark Side of the Moon to Wizard of Oz
    29 Rock n Roll Speakeasy
    celebrating rock legends & food

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  • talk

    Victoria S. "...thanks for a fabulous event! Wonderful setting, great food and even better company. I admire your creativity."

    Jerry Z. "ABSOLUTELY OVER THE TOP! Very well executed and a night we will long remember."

    Cyndy T. "Well done, darling, well done. Congrats to all on a super event. It was a great group and I look forward to meeting all of you again soon!"

  • membershipAnnual Rates:
    $50per person
    2+people $45pp
    3-10 $40pp


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    P.O. Box 6246
    Louisville, KY 40206
    502.287.2772 or

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the mission

23 march 09 jo.s speakeasy 262

James Beard has said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

Bon Vivant Savant is the premier dining club and events company in the region.  Our goal is to bring people together in warm social gatherings to share in culinary delights and cultural experiences.  Food is a primary focus and the reason is simple.  Remember the last time you went to a party at someone’s house. Where was everyone? The kitchen or around the food. The ‘bite’ that binds, you might say.  Inviting people to break bread together and share in interesting events help make our diverse social gatherings memorable and deeply satisfying.

* We are committed to promoting and utilizing the best foods, wines, and other local products of our region through original events at novel locations. We bring you the hidden gems of our region.

* We provide a members’ only social networking group.  By doing so, we can create  an inviting and comfortable environment in which to converse and meet with friends both old and new.  Knowing our exclusive members well helps us to plan events that stimulate members’ common interests and tastes, while also allowing us to plan events that expose them to new experiences.

* In addition to our exclusive monthly events calendar, we are available to organize your own private events.  You have the opportunity to work with our Event Savant, Jo Self, who will assist with your event needs – think private wine dinners with host, bar parties, mixology classes and more. Both in-home and corporate events are possible.

We stimulate you through exquisite food and interesting activities, and provide a comfortable, warm environment to grow your relationships with new, fantastic people.  We hope to see you soon.


2 Responses to “the mission”

  1. Hi guys,

    I’m interested in discussing having you guys help me do a CD release/fundraising event for my band Lotus Blake.

    I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.



    Matthew Blake Wallace
    Mathieu Blake
    de Lotus Blake

  2. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the replies that this is working for you too.

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